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Cylindrical Polyblock Heat Exchanger

Hexacarb Engineers has designed series HCL for processing aggressive corrosive chemicals in energy efficient  manner. These are designed to handle processes like cooling, condensation, heating, boiling, mass transfer operations, and many more.

We have highly customizable block heat exchanger portfolio enables us to provide particularly adapted solutions to ultra-corrosive heat transfers. All our cylindrical block heat exchangers’ designs are totally modular to best fit with individual process specification. The number and size of blocks, the number and diameters of holes as well as the number of passes both on process and service sides can be adapted to best meet the velocities, pressure drops, and heat transfer requirements.

Here the construction of cylindrical block model is in such a way that two fluids do not come in direct contact separated by thin ligament. Rows of holes are drilled through the blocks both horizontally and vertically to form the process and service channels. Heat is transferred by conduction through the exchanger material left between the rows of holes which separate the mediums being used.

Product Sheet


  • Cooler, Sub-cooler, Single/ Multi pass

  • Condenser, Vapor Liquid Separation

  • Heater

  • Heat Exchanger 

  • Reboiler


  • Agrochemicals

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Crop Protection

  • Dyes & Pigments

  • And many more ...

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