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PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fluorocarbon resins represent one of the most versatile products lines ever to emerge from Du Pont laboratories. From Exotic space-age applications to molded parts and wire and cable insulation to its consumer use as a coating for cookware, PTFE has fulfilled a wide variety of roles in its 40-year history.

One of its largest and fastest growing uses today is for corrosive protection. This use is attractive because PTFE resins are chemically inert to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents. This nearly universal chemical inertness stems from three characteristics of PTFE molecule: (1) the very strong interatomic bonds between carbon and fluorine atoms; (2) the almost perfect shielding of the polymers carbon backbone by fluorine atoms; and (3) the very high molecular weight (or long polymer chain length) compared to many other polymers. 


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Origin of PTFE, TFE is opaque, white in color monomer. Used earlier in molds due to frictionless properties and structure retention properties.


Trademarked by Du Pont. FEP shows true thermoplastic properties. Used as injection molded or extruded with high temperature sustainability.

Service temperatures upto 130 C.


Excellent corrosion resistant characteristics and melt-processability. Higher mechanical strengths at elevated temperatures. Higher productivity in extrusion and molding.

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