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Complete Engineered Package for your needs...

With vast expertise and extensive study in the field of graphite heat & mass transfer equipment, we are well equipped to handle various chemical processes. We undertake complete turnkey projects from process design to trials. Our in-house capabilities allow us to process equipment & piping leading to shorter setup time. Delivering the optimum process solutions and fulfilling customer requirements is all our team aspires.

HCL Synthesis Unit

Production of hydrochloric acid. Combustion chamber

Absorption tower made in graphite.

Sulfuric Acid Concentration System

Energy efficient steam recovery concentration plants

for spent acids 20% to 70% conc.

Dry HCL Gas Generation Unit

Produces Dry HCL gas offered by 

Boiling Route.

Acid Dilution Unit

Dilution unit capable of handling concentrations

upto 98% conc acids.

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