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How can we solve the corrosion and
fouling problems in your equipment ?

The serious effects of corrosion over periods of time have always challenged industries to come up with new technologies and methods. Corrosion is slow degradation of metal or for instance any material that decomposes due to environmental & process conditions. Impact of corrosion can led to compromised life cycle of any equipment. The need for corrosion-resistant solutions has grown increasingly as new innovation helps unlock new potentials to mankind.

As we are forefront at implementing corrosion resistant solutions, graphite - non ferrous element & a carbon allotrope has proven to be one of those materials. Graphite exhibits excellent characteristics making it suitable for various applications in different industries.

Another revolutionary invention by R.J Plunkett in 1938, The discovery of PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene has vast advantages over glass equipment in corrosion resistant applications. We manufacture various sized liners, valves, tees and many more. Our product range is customer- centric from equipment to piping to complete turnkey projects.

We bring solutions that help our customers enrich their processes with a significant uptick in returns. 

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